How Are You Coming? 10 Things We’ve Learned About Reclaiming Power from Naomi Osaka

Is it just us or has adulting been harder than ever? Beyoncé once said, “Who needs a degree when you’re schoolin’ life?”, but what if there was a school of life to teach us how to maneuver through our ‘adulting’ moments? There’s a slew of elements that classify us as ‘adults’ but, what about the grey areas? There’s no handbook on how to walk through mental issues, insecurities, or eliminating imposter syndrome. We stay telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough, and hardly ever clap for our successes. Social Media has been the substitute ‘Handbook on Life’ —full of content creators and celebrities sharing their coping mechanisms, activism, and helpful strategies for us to put into practice.

Naomi Osaka recently scrapped her original handbook and revised it, sharing an open letter on Instagram reflecting on all of her accomplishments throughout her career, promising to be less hard on herself from now on. We love the vulnerability. Osaka revealed that despite her many accomplishments, she’s never told herself ‘good job.’ Reading the letter, the first thought is, ‘Dang, this is relatable AF.’

We’ve all been there, allowing self-deprecating thoughts to creep in to steal our Black girl joy. Black women are trying and failing and trying again to have it all, and we deserve it all so, why do we tell ourselves that we don’t? So many times when we’ve beaten ourselves up for stupid mistakes, but from now on, we’re using the Osaka method. We’re giving ourselves a pep talk, and keeping it rolling.

Naomi Osaka reveals she had a change of perception, writing, “I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m gonna try to celebrate myself and my accomplishments more, I think we all should.”

Amen sis. We’re aren’t all so guilty of forgetting how far we’ve come? Life has been a straight mess, and we could all use a reminder to love ourselves, give ourselves grace, and celebrate US way more.

Naomi Osaka has definitely started reclaiming her power, and so we crafted the top 10 steps from the Naomi Osaka playbook that all of us can follow:

1. Establish Boundaries. Don’t allow someone’s viewpoint of you to determine your status or life choices.

2. Positive Self Affirmations work!. Watch your language towards yourself. Tell yourself every day that you’re worthy, capable, confident, and deserve to have it all.

3. When you have those, “Am I good enough?” moments, retrain your mind, tell yourself that preparation meets divine timing.

4. Clap for yourself to accomplish even the most minor tasks. Too often, we only validate ourselves on significant accomplishments forgetting the small victories matter as well.

5. Have a self-care routine. With the day-to-day hustle, we forget that making time for ourselves is necessary. Take at least 10 minutes to ground yourself through meditation, twerk around the room, yoga, a nature walk, or even read a book.

6. Don’t compare your life to the curated ones you see on Instagram. Keyword ‘curated’ so create your eutopia.

7. Get comfortable with saying ‘No’. 

8. Give yourself grace and be okay with imperfections

9. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone if you feel the need to seek help and guidance

10. Tell yourself, “You’re doing a good job” every day because you are!

With so much foolishness happening in the world, our power is the most precious thing that we hold. To reclaim one’s power is to identify that you are the key holder to your reality. With the year coming to a close, reclaiming our power seems to be the perfect gateway to a solid year ahead.

Osaka concluded her touching message, “That’s how I’m coming,” and so are we. HEARD, Naomi. We will be slowing down and making these gems our new mantras. 

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