R. Kelly Forced Two Women To Fight As Punishment For Twerking At Party, Witness Says

As R. Kelly‘s trial continues, more disturbing news has been revealed. While taking the stand on Tuesday, the singer’s former assistant testified that he once made his girlfriends fight each other after embarrassing him at a party.

“He didn’t like that they were twerking for cake,” Suzette Mayweather said, The Daily Beast reported.

According to the Daily Mail, people sometimes participate in a twerking game to compete for the last slice of cake.

Mayweather worked as the “Honey Love” singer’s assistant for 16 months and testified against him in Brooklyn federal court. She revealed that the absurd punishment came after the two women were dancing at a party on Jan. 4, 2016.  

Kelly allegedly told the ladies to “get on each other” and she could later hear them “laughing or screaming” and loud “thumping” upstairs, alluding to them fighting. She added that the Grammy-winning musician was also angered by one of his girlfriend’s cousins who “leaned more on the masculine side” at the all-women party.  

The former employee cosigned allegations made by Tom Arnold, the Chicago native’s studio manager from 2004 to 2011, who said that employees would have their pay docked for not following his strict rules, as Blavity previously reported.

While on the stand, she recalled R. Kelly telling her, “I thought you were going to fail your test” after he sent her to go get him some sweet potato pie in the middle of the night. In another instance, she was reprimanded by the 54-year-old for talking to one of his girlfriends about their relationship.

While in tears recounting the incident, she said she lied to cover up who initiated the conversation out of fear the woman would be severely punished. She added that it was a rule forbidding anyone to talk to the women about their relationship with him. 

“This particular incident was the first time… that I had ever seen Rob really that upset,” she said, adding that she was fined for breaking the rule and was required to “write a letter of apology.”

“It was not the tone, it was the look in his eyes,” she continued. 

The Daily Mail reported that other people said they were forced to follow other rules including, asking for permission to use the bathroom, calling him “Daddy,” wearing baggy clothes and facing elevator doors when men entered the room. 

“They did not move unless they had his permission,” Mayweather said. “If there was a male present, I interacted with the male.”

Mayweather, who considered R. Kelly a brother, is the fourth employee to testify against him in court. 

R. Kelly is being accused of abusing at least six women and underage girls. He faces racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, bribery and forced labor charges spanning between 1994 and 2018. 

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