NBC Reporter Gets Accosted While Reporting On Hurricane Ida

NBC News reporter Shaquille Brewster was accosted by a man during live coverage of Hurricane Ida on Monday. 

“The rain has stopped, the wind is still going,” Brewster said during his live shot on MSNBC in Gulfport, Mississippi, as a man got out of a white pickup truck and approached the crew. 

“I think we even have a random person … going around,” Brewster continued as he directed the camera away from the man. “We deal with some people every once in a while.”

Brewster continued in his coverage, reporting on the 100,000 residents without power in Mississippi, adding that the curfew is still in effect until utility crews can go in to “survey the damage” of downed power lines and tree limbs. 

“Craig, I’m gonna toss it back to you because we have a person who needs a little help right now,” Brewster said to MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin as the man can be heard in the background becoming increasingly angry over the accuracy. 

The network was just about to toss back to the studio when the man jumps  back in front of the camera and into Brewester’s face, causing him to lift his microphone up and push the man away

“Hey hey hey…ummmm we’re gonna check in with Shaq Brewster just to make sure all is well,” Melvin said, visibly concerned about his colleague. “There’s a lot of crazy out there, a lot of crazy. Again, we’ll make sure Shaq’s okay.” 

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