The McClure Twins: “Make it Fashion”

Ava and Alexis McClure, AKA the McClure Twins, are social media sensations with 6 million fans.

Ava, Alexis, and their mom Ami spoke with BNC about their new book “The McClure Twins: Make it Fashion.” Ami gives insight on how she knew the twins would love the camera. “Since they were 3 years old, they always had this personality that like wasn’t afraid of people, never afraid of the camera,” Ami said. This twins also give a sneak into their new book and how they go about deciding their everyday fashionable looks. Reed follows up with a question for mama bear on how she keeps the social media trolls under control. Mom finishes with advice for other families who share an interest in creating a social media platform for their children. “You have to go based on your kid,” Ami said.

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