It’s Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means: the internet is flooding with adorable posts of couples doing adorable things. Diddy and Cassie, in particular, blessed fans with a cute video of them showering each other with kisses. Normally, we might roll our eyes at all of this PDA, but they are just too cute to turn away from.

In the short clip, which was posted on Cassie’s Instagram, the power couple were seen cuddling in a red room. As Cassie tries to adjust the camera, Diddy is kissing her on the cheek. Following the “Me & U” singer’s peck on the lips, Diddy grabs her face to pull her in for a bigger smooch.

The video didn’t go unnoticed either. A number of fans commented on the cute couple on Twitter. Overall, there seemed to be an overwhelming amount of people who just held over heels for their love. Others begged for the couple to get married.

It’s no shock that Diddy and Cassie are madly in love. During an interview with Wendy Williams in June 2017, the Bad Boy executive gushed about their romance. “I’m in love now,” he confessed. “When a record comes on, the way she moves. When I look at her, the way she smiles. The way I see her look at me sometimes, when I wake up and she’s already awake.”

Check out Diddy and Cassie’s Valentine’s Day post, and some of the reactions here.

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