Tiffany “New York” Pollard is undoubtedly reality TV royalty, to say the least. While the Flavor of Love starlet has been absent from the public eye for some time now, she recently became a topic of conversation when she was accused of bleaching her skin after posting a selfie to Instagram.

In response to her accusers, she has one thing to say.

The photo in question shows the self-proclaimed “H.B.I.C.” rocking voluminous hair and a noticeably lighter complexion.

Take a look, below:

After noticing several comments claiming she purposefully lightened her complexion with bleaching creams and techniques, she fired back by crediting her new “color” to giving up meat and cigarettes.

“Before some of y’all get to asking me, ‘If I’m ‘BLEACHING’ The answer is, ‘No,'” she wrote. “#1 it’s cold outside 2 I’ve been detoxing from meat and cigarettes.”

She clarified that her “skin is not lighter, it’s clearer because I’m getting rid of toxins.”

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