Here’s a rule of thumb: don’t ever try to crash a Keyshia Cole concert, or you’ll get thrown off stage. Literally. A fan attempted to join Cole on stage during one of her concerts and got a terribly rude awakening.

In video taken from the concert, a young man dressed in a hoodie is seen hopping the security fence to get on stage. Somehow, he manages to get past the first layer of security and all the way up to Keyshia. He is then seen grabbing the microphone from her and yelling. But he was hardly able to say proper words before a security man approached the guy and pushed him away from Cole.

The fan didn’t seem to be following orders to exit the stage, seeing how the security guy kept pushing him back. So instead of exiting at his own will, security assisted the fan by picking him up and throwing him off stage. In the video, it looks as though another security man tried to catch the fan, but was unsuccessful in the end.

And while all of this chaos was going on,  Keyshia Cole never stopped singing the entire time. Now, that’s what we call a good performer. Check out the video below.

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