Jhene Aiko shocked her fans when she spit the lyrics about “eating the booty like groceries” in the popular 2014 single “Post To Be.” From that point on, many fans attributed the trend of “eating the booty” to Aiko. But despite her quotable line in Omarion’s song, Jhene doesn’t actually get down like that in the bedroom. The singer confessed her sexual preferences during her latest interview with BBC 1Extra on Feb. 12.

While on the topic of her romance with Big Sean, the interviewer questioned if her boyfriend performed the booty act on her. “Contrary to popular belief, because I sing that, I don’t like that,” Jhene admitted. “It’s a song. It was a joke to me. It was like funny.”

She also, explained the thought process about putting that line in her verse. “It it rhymed with ‘Post To Be,” she explained. “At the time Kevin Gates… It was a viral thing where he said, ‘yo post to eat the booty.’ So I was like, oh we should say something about eating the booty because the song is called ‘Post To Be.’ So I thought it was really funny, but now everyone thinks I like my butt ate.”

Jhene then took it one step further by actually describing what getting her booty eaten feels like. “It happened once to me a long time ago. It’s a very odd feeling,” she recalled. “It kind of makes you kind of want to go to the bathroom, which is weird. And that’s not how you want to feel when you’re being intimate. It’s like wet butt… If someone was trying to go there I would be like no. I don’t like butt play.”

Well, there you have it. Jhene Aiko does not want you anywhere near her groceries. Sorry, folks! Watch the interview in its entirety below.

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