Interestingly enough, the self-proclaimed Black Barbie has been remiss from her social media accounts since the start of the new year. And, as one would expect, her “disappearance” hasn’t gone unnoticed by her legion of fans.

One loyal Barb in particular, Nicholas Burrus, has seemingly taken matters into his own hands by creating a website that keeps track of her absence from social platforms. The site, fittingly titled Finding Nicki, has the Young Money rapper’s disappearing act down to a science, as it counts down to the second since she last posted online. 

According to Burrus, Nicki’s prolonged silence on social media was peculiar behavior for the lyricist, who is an avid user of both Instagram and Twitter. Taking a look at both accounts, Burrus’ observation does raise quite a few flags. Nicki has not only removed the commenting option from her Instagram posts but her last post is a selfie dated from Dec. 30. Comparatively on Twitter, Nicki last made use of the social sharing app on Dec. 26 to tease her guest feature on A$AP Ferg‘s “Plain Jane” single. 


Could Nicki possibly be on hiatus as she works on her forthcoming album? You be the judge. 

Check out the hilarious Finding Nicki website, below. 

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