Phoenix Suns guard Isaiah Canaan drove to the basket during the final seconds of the first quarter Wednesday night and was fouled by the Dallas Mavericks, but his left ankle gave way upon his landing … and the results were absolutely hideous to see.

Canaan instantly broke his left ankle so gruesomely that his left foot was pointing in the wrong direction as the 26-year-old lied on the floor.

His teammate Devin Booker’s reaction said it all, as he covered his face, clearly distraught over what he just witnessed.

You’ve been warned … this cringe-worthy video is so hard to watch. 

Amazingly, Suns team doctor Tom Carter told ESPN that Canaan never mentioned any pain despite suffering what looked to be a surefire season-ending injury.

“It’s hard for fans and everyone sitting right there, and teammates especially, a guy they battle with every day. It’s their friend on and off the court,” Suns interim coach Jay Triano told ESPN. “I used the timeout to let us say a quick prayer and get us refocused again to keep playing. Not much we can do. He was in the hands of our medical staff and we trust they do their job and we had to keep doing ours.”

The Suns wound up defeating the Mavs, 102-88, but everyone’s thoughts were on Canaan, who is slated to have surgery Thursday.

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