50 Cent’s social media comedy is the gift that keeps on giving, and its most recent offering found an “opp” of the New York business, hip-hop and entertainment mogul’s in a rather compromising position right at a traffic light.

Fif pulled up at the light behind a service truck owned by cable provider company Optimum, whose big letters can be read clearly on the back of the green vehicle. For those unfamiliar with Fif’s opposition with the company, Optimum is responsible for slashing viewership from his hit television series, Power, after cutting ties with STARZ, the show’s cable distributor.

“Look at this b**ch, he don’t even see me following his motherf**king a**,” Fif says in the clip, flipping the camera to show the vehicle right in front of him. “Catch this motherf**ker f**king with my series and sh**. Power. They better put my motherf**king show on — I should run right into the back of this motherf**ker.”

Obviously, he wouldn’t dare mess up his own whip for some temporary revenge on the Optimum opps, he hilariously reminds viewers. But he does jokingly implement a little intimidation, claiming that he’ll follow the truck instead when the traffic light turns green.

“F**k opps!” he says. “All of ‘em! F**k ‘em!”

We’re sure Power fans can definitely relate.

See his hilarious (almost) fender-bender vengeance in the video below.

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