A groundbreaking YouTube educational resource when it comes to themes of gender, sexuality and LGBTQ experience is back for a third season.

Queer Kid Stuff” is a web series that breaks down LGBTQ themes, experiences and ideas in ways that are educational, accessible and ― most importantly ― fun for kids. Created and starring New York-based artist Lindsay Amer and her sidekick Teddy, the series has carved out a space in the YouTube world for queerness and children’s educational videos to intersect.

This video focused on gender expression marks the first episode in the third season of the program.

“I think gender expression is something that’s really accessible for kids and something they should be encouraged to explore,” Amer told HuffPost. “It’s surprisingly difficult to describe exactly what it means to present as masculine, feminine, or androgynous so I enlisted a few friends of mine to help me show a diverse range of how different people with different identities might interpret those expressions.”

Check out this week’s video above, and head here to watch the previous two seasons.

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