Unfortunately, the duo of the Queens Court, a.k.a. Khia and Ts Madison, are still griping over the guest stage appearance with Tamar Braxton that never was after a reported complaint from the ladies of ‘90s R&B girl group Xscape.

But even though Khia previously pointed the finger at one-fourth of the members, Kandi Burruss, as the person responsible for her and Ts Madison’s ejection from the show, she’s now redirecting the blame to the King of the South, T.I.

Taking to their Queens Court bench, the women circled back to the incident as Ts threw major shade at another Xscape member and Tip’s wife of eight years, Tiny. Ts held up a “Curb Your Dog” sign, proceeding to liken the songstress to a “red-nosed pit bull,” which was followed up by a shot at Tip from Khia.

“You know what, Tiny? The best thing you could have ever did was divorce T.I. or file for divorce from T.I.,” she began. “That was the best decision that you ever made, because he ain’t nothing but a b**ch a** n**ga.”

Ts drew back on any Tip shade though, reminding Khia that he didn’t bother the two of them when he walked backstage before any shenanigans took place. The “My Neck, My Back” femcee, however, didn’t appreciate what she felt was Tip’s cold shoulder (and stiff neck, as she described it) while making his way to Tamar’s dressing room. After pulling out a candy bar to deem him a “Snicker,” a.k.a. “snitcher,” which she added that “he’s always been,” Khia said that he was the one who called for law enforcement to remove the ladies. That is, after cursing out Tamar and her family, according to Khia’s witness testimony.

“I think he was the one who was being disrespectful and disorderly,” she declared. “Tip, how you gonna go in there and cuss out Tamar, her mama, and her grandmamma, and her sisters in front of her children disrespecting her in front of her children? And you act like we was the ones that was disrespectful and disorderly.”

She continued to question why he didn’t just take it up with her and Ts themselves considering that they were standing right there. Afterward, Ts adds some NSFW commentary on his presence before proceeding to demonstrate her reaction to the sight with Khia’s Snickers bar. 

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