Kevin McCall is backtracking on his menacing threat for R&B icon Chris Brown and his 2-year-old daughter, Royalty Brown.

Declaring that Breezy “and his seed would be in a casket” if the Heartbreak on a Full Moon crooner had any involvement with McCall’s recent shooting, he’s now stating several defenses of his remarks that are pretty hard to keep up with.

He began by insisting that he didn’t see anything wrong with his sentiments following backlash for bringing Breezy’s daughter into his gripe against his former CBE (Chris Brown Entertainment) label leader. He even quotes the Holy Bible in what he deems a logical argument.

“The Bible says [an] eye for an eye,” he wrote. “Chris didn’t [shoot him] so don’t bring his name up in my life and death situation because you playing with gossip but L.A. ain’t a game. I didn’t threaten anyone I told you how life would play out. I saved him hella X’s.”

He continued explaining that he never brought Chris’s baby girl into it, despite his aforementioned use of the word “seed” and implying the person responsible for his shooting could easily be Breezy’s problem next. Apparently, it’s everyone else who has the negative energy for suggesting that he threatened baby Royalty in his statement, randomly switching gears to blame the Black community.

“I’m not putting the baby in it I’m saying leave them out because the person who shot me tries to do a hit on him and his baby for [$500],” he said. “You don’t know the type of EVIL I combat on the daily you just into negative energy.”

In McCall’s next tweet, he specifically name-drops the word “royalty,” but says he’d only make mention of the term with regard to the alleged “3 million dollars” in funds he says Breezy owes him for all the hit singles his credits were removed from. And according to him, it’s the fans, not his own words, to blame for the rumors that he targeted Breezy’s daughter in his rant.

“Everybody should be cool,” he said. “Don’t get nobody hurt we tryna stay alive for our kids. You can shame me BUT do NOT spread rumors about INNOCENT people who aren’t involved because I’m getting calls by the minute who want blood and it’s just EVIL f**c that s**t.”

Hopefully, you were able to keep up with all of that.

See his defense from the #TeamBreezy backlash below.

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