The recent shutdown of our Government really saddens me. It’s not that I do not have a patriotic mind. I do value our forefather’s values, and I do value our people. What’s currently going on; however, is not a proper reflection of the values ​​I’ve grown to love. It is, in fact, and example of bad government leadership in action. I’ve written before about the leadership values ​​of Disney. I cherish them, and I look to others in leadership positions to exhibit them. They’re not just for business, but let’s face it – our government is business. The values ​​are Openness, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Integrity, Diversity, and Balance. I’m not suggesting every Government leader is a bad leader by the way. In contrast I think many of them (regardless of affiliation) are great. I do think; however, that the good leaders are sadly (1) silenced by the media, and (2) out-voiced by the more aggressive personalities of the bad leaders. This being said, let’s just highlight the big guy – the President. Bear in mind also that in my view a good leader needs to embrace each of these values, not just a few.

Openness. Does anyone out there really believe that he’s been entirely open on even the most non-confidential issues? I honestly believe that his first priority is to deflect blame from himself to others. I do not think what he’s seeing in the mirror is what the majority of us are seeing – a person basically lacking confidence of his own. Maybe I’m wrong, as the best I can go by is what I’m seeing in photos. Yes, I’m one of those that read the most, not in words, but in faces. What I see most often is a very angry person. Almost the same face I see in my four year old when he does not get his way at the playground. I see a analytical face. A sort of swagger that assumes he’s got an ability to talk himself out of any hot water he lands in. Openness also relates to its accessibility to others. I do not know enough on his leadership (one on one’s) to speak intelligently on it, but my guess is he’s less apt to be open to those who oppose him as he is open to those who steadfastly support him.

Respect. While I recognize that this is a pretty broad topic, I’ll isolate a few ways I think he lacks respect. No doubt he respects a lot of things, but good leaders respect even the opposition. I’m not a person that thinks everyone should have a gun for instance. I do value and respect; however, those of us that own them and use them responsibly. Using words such as “clinging to religion, guns, etc.”, is not a use of words that implies a respect for people right out of the gates- even the opposition. More recently, I think the President’s lack of respect is seen in his rapport (or lack of itof) with foreign governments. I’m sure we could find “gaffs” made by any number of Presidents. They’ve all got them for sure. What I am suggesting; however, is that this President does not respect all sides and openly makes it clear. The point on gay marriage is yet another point worth pointing out. He’s a clear advocate for same sex marriage (as am I by the way). He fails; however, at trying to unify the opposition. Sure there’s going to be those that will never agree. It’s his job as a leader though to (1) show respect for the opposition, and (2) do his best to convey his message in such a manner that will keep the discussion moving toward a positive outcome. His approach has pretty much shut the door to anyone on the opposite side coming to even the center. I think through his leadership he has created a very fervent following. Such is the case when you steadfastly take a side. Good leaders do not lead only their favorites though. It’s not a reality of this world we’re living in.

Courage. Does he have courage? I do not know for sure. I do know that it takes a lot of courage to bridge the gap with the opposition. It takes courage to motivate a team toward a favorable outlet. While I see his team as being the legislative branch, I do not see him doing a good job of bringing them together. I realize it’s tough to bring people with different views towards the center. It’s the role of leadership to do so however, in order to get even the most basic work done. He may actually have courage. Remember; though, that even the most reckless people have courage. A good leader needs to master (and have balance) administering ALL of these leadership principles.

Integrity. This is the big one. Not only does every great leader need to have it, they need to have it at the forefront of their mindset. How is our president following through on promises? I will not go into detail on this too much. My personal view; however, is that he’s failed miserably at (1) following through, and (2) taking responsibility for why things have not eventuated. Leadership in the business world is merit based – rewards based on actual accomplishments. Let’s face it – government is business. It’s revenue based, it has operating guidelines, and it has leaders administrating these guidelines. I truly believe that if our President were in a genuine business leadership position, even at an entry level, he would have termed long ago.

Diversity. A lot of people see diversity as a “black and white” issue. Sadly, I might even go as far as believing our President see it as such. This topic does not just refer to cultural diversity, it relates to peoples views on things. The gun issue, the abortion issue, the gay issue, these are all issues of diversity. Until a leader’s able to genuinely appreciate the diverse nature of people’s views, they will not succeed as leaders. Not everyone’s views are even ethical mind you. Understanding diversity means understanding why they’ve got these views. I’m not sure our President has an open mind enough to understand what diversity truly is.

Balance. Again, I think our President fails miserably at this. Balance does not exclusively relate to how you live your own life, it relates to how you build an environment for your teams to live and work in a balanced environment. I (as does probably most of the world) believe there is too much relaxation taking place in politics. There needs to be much more structure, much less golf, and a more dedicated collaborative approach to problem solving.

I realize I’ve been critical of our President in writing this. Why am I even thinking a team of dark suits with guns will be picking my kid up from school today? I have not always thought this way. The fact is, I do not trust our government anymore. Why? Because I think they are (by and large) genuinely bad, egocentric leaders who do not have the best interests of all of us as their priority. From a pure leadership perspective, they are in fact entry level government leaders at best. Sorry everyone. I’m hiring not to lose friends here. Hopefully you can respect the fact I’ve had the courage to present a diverse view.

Source by Adam H Roberts

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