After her mother was tragically shot and killed in her own home, an 11-year-old girl was promised money would be raised to help her in life. Over $38,000 was raised for the child; however, she never saw most of the money and now police are accusing the person who set up the account. 

In June 2016, Stephanie Goodloe, of Washington, D.C., was shot and her ex-boyfriend, Donald Hairston, was charged with her murder. After the shooting, Arlene Petty started a GoFundMe for Goodloe’s unidentified daughter, reported the Washington Post.

The GoFundMe campaign raised $38,185, but D.C. police said Petty “kept the majority of the funds raised for herself,” according to an arrest affidavit filed in court.

Arlene Petty, 30, from Capitol Heights, Maryland, was arrested and charged her with one count of first-degree fraud over the fund.

This deception only further hurt the family of the slain 39-year-old, who had been trying to keep her ex-boyfriend’s abuse from her family. Two weeks before Goodloe’s shooting, she was granted a temporary restraining order against Hairston.

“We plan on following this case really closely,” Goodloe’s cousin, Kim Smith, told the Washington Post. “Along with the murder trial, this is yet another case that the family has to follow so we know that justice has been served.”

When Petty first created the GoFundMe, Smith said she voiced concerns with others in the family, yet they assured her it would be fine. According to police, the GoFundMe was first set up as a joint account involving Petty and the child’s grandmother.

However, when the grandmother told D.C. police that she was “locked out” of the account and the campaign was temporarily suspended, a relative filed a complaint. Upon investigation, police discovered Petty had transferred $35,054 to a personal bank account.

Police said that of the $38,000 raised, only $9,000 had been successfully transferred to the child’s grandmother.

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