Donations come in quick for three California children who experienced several devastating family losses this year — the most recent being their mother, who died of hypothermia and was later eaten by a mountain lion. 

On Dec. 3, Michelle “Yin” Wong wandered barefoot into a rugged area of an Auburn forest. She eventually died of hypothermia and her body was mauled by a mountain lion that found it several days later. Although it is still unclear why Wong left her children home, the rest of the family wants to make sure her three children are supported. 

Tino, 10, Noah, 8 and Bella, 6, were not only saddened by the death of their mother, but they also suffered two losses earlier this year. 

According to the children’s uncle Ricardo Decarlo — who created a GoFundMe for the kids — their grandmother passed away in February and their grandfather was deported to Mexico months later. 

“Mayra Zamora passed away suddenly from a heart attack at the young age of 55. Mayra was a huge part of the children’s lives,” Decarlo wrote.  

“Very shortly after Mayra’s passing on May 23, 2017, their grandfather Lorenzo Guzman was deported to Mexico. Lorenzo along with Mayra were very involved with the children and again the children had to deal with another devastating loss.”

After the multiple losses endured by the children, Decarlo started the crowd funding page to raise enough money to ease their mind during Christmas. 

“Our goal as a family is to take the children’s minds off of the horrible tragedies for just a moment and provide them with the best possible Christmas that we can,” Decarlo wrote.
“All proceeds will be given to Santino Zamora (the children’s father) for his and Michelle’s children Tino, Noah and Bella.”

The GoFundMe had a goal of $1,000 and has already raised over $1,800 in just a day. 

If you’d like to donate, click here. 

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