A 5-year-old boy in Chicago suffered a gunshot wound for the second time in the span of 18 months. 

Kavan Collins — who was struck in the jaw by a stray bullet while walking down the street with his mother in June 2016 — accidentally shot himself in the hand Tuesday evening, reported the Chicago Tribune.

After shooting himself in the hand, Collins was taken in good condition to Comer Children’s Hospital, the same medical facility where he was taken in 2016, according to Chicago police.

Although police never found the people who shot Collins last year, they do think charges may be pending in the case of the recent accidental shooting. Chicago police say the boy’s father obtained the gun illegally, reported the New York Post.

Collins reportedly shot himself in the hand after finding the gun in a bedroom.

Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says detectives are questioning the dad about the weapon, which wasn’t registered and had a defaced serial number. Collins’ unnamed father will likely be charged with felony counts related to the gun and child endangerment.

During the 2016 shooting, Collins, his mother, brother and a family friend were outside when they heard fireworks followed by gunshots. One of the bullets hit Collins in the face while another crashed through a window and a wall and struck a 28-year-old woman in the head. She was taken in good condition to Stroger Hospital.

Neither the boy nor the woman were the intended target, police said.

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