According to reports from Bossip, Eminem, Chris Brown, Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, and The Game are named in a lawsuit from Jason David Yonai, who alleges that the four men are running off with his music and conspiring to murder him.

Yonai, who goes by the rap name “KazeLoon” or “K.D. Lean,” allegedly filed the suit in November, claiming offenses from the five men that involve “numerous counts of fraudulent, criminal acts.”

He reportedly claims that they stole not only intellectual property, but personal items as well. Bossip further states that his complaint accuses them of hiring hit men to kill him off and any witnesses to their alleged crimes as well. Em’s Shady Records and Dre’s Beats Electronics are also reportedly named in the suit.

“The defendants in this matter committed numerous counts of fraud against me and the plaintiffs and then tried to hire hit men to kill me and my group or the plaintiffs,” Bossip reports of Yonai’s statement. “The defendants in this matter committed intentional acts such as threats, threats to commit a crime against our person, intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, defamation (slander and libel), solicitation of murder with great bodily harm and malice premeditation against us the plaintiffs, with a conspiracy theory and group of many people who are the defendants in this matter.”

Yonai got his evidence of the supposed murder conspiracy from social media after he “put the pieces together,” Bossip reports. He doesn’t explicitly detail this evidence in the complaint, the site states, but will be pursuing “an undisclosed amount at this time due to the nature and complex situations of this matter.” He’ll also reportedly be defending himself in court against the five defendants.

Bossip concludes that this “undisclosed amount” is over $75,000 in damages, as reportedly filed in a document from the U.S. Federal Court in L.A.

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