DJ Khaled has a lot to be grateful for in 2017.

And after suffering what we’re overwhelmingly grateful was just a minor injury after a jet ski accident on Wednesday (December 20), he’s got even more reasons to clasp his hands together before the year is up.

The hip-hop producer documented the entire thing in a series of Instagram posts. He was making his way to fellow music executive and hip-hop mogul Diddy’s home when he encountered a blockage of tree branches on his “secret route.” Khaled insisted that he could figure it out and attempted to drive through it, finding holes and openings along the way. Unfortunately, the Grateful creator’s plan backfired and his jet ski got tangled up on an entanglement of branches. After jumping off of the Jet Ski, he injured his leg, which he showed in the camera as blood leaked from it. He suffered a light cut on his hand as well.

“I jumped in the water to try to move the ski out the tree, and I cut myself,” he said.

But even in such trying times as that one, Khaled still had some major keys to offer up to fans watching it all go down.

“The key is don’t panic,” he reminded. “This ain’t no joke thing. I ain’t panicking. I just gotta figure it out. In life, there’s roadblocks. I am stuck in a tree in the ocean. The key is don’t panic — we’re going to figure this out.”

His next clip gave everyone a deep sigh of relief, with him finally pulling up to Diddy’s crib on the Jet Ski and letting us know he was OK and out of the mess. A little first aid kit attention and a visit from Drake later, and Khaled was back to his hip-hop positivist self. Diddy did get a couple of laughs in, however, and showed off Khaled’s “wolverine” battle scars.

We’re glad you’re OK, Khaled!

Watch it all unfold in the clips below.

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