Over the past year, K. Michelle has invited fans to learn more about the not-so-glamorous side of her persona

Now it appears that the R&B songstress is taking her artistic evolution one step further by changing her stage name. 

Over the weekend, the Rebellious Soul singer took to Instagram to share her latest revelation with fans. “No more K. Michelle. K. Michelle, peace. I’m going back to me,” she begins the brief clip, noting her fresh face sans the make-up and faux eyelashes. “I’m going back to who I am.” 

“Kimberly 2018, remember,” she adds. “I’m not answering to K. Michelle.” 

Back in April, the singer revealed she intends on removing particular assets after admitting to being pressured into plastic surgery by the likes of Instagram models. “I picked on everything on my body; teeth, waist, breasts, bottom, but I still was looking at this hurt person,” K. told xoNecole during an in-depth profile.

“I remember looking at the beautiful models [on Instagram] and thought how I didn’t look like them at all and I thought they were naturally born like that!”

In the months following the sincere admission, K. has continued to be adamant about removing her implants in hopes of returning to “the natural Kimberly again.” The singer has also implored her fans to consider the reasons behind their desire for plastic surgery prior to going under the knife. 

Perhaps the name change will bring K. one step closer to reviving her natural self. Either way, kudos to her! 

Take a look at the singer’s full remarks on changing her stage name below. 

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