Hillary Clinton‘s presidential nomination by the Democratic Party may not be the coronation everyone is expecting. The New York Times reports that Vice President Joe Biden is exploring the idea of running himself. 

Biden was largely considered to be heading out of politics after finishing his term as VP next year, especially after the tragic death of his son Beau Biden. But now, sources close to the veep say it’s precisely Beau himself who has him reconsidering. 

“He was so close to Beau and it was so heartbreaking that, frankly, I thought initially he wouldn’t have the heart,” Michael Thornton, a Boston lawyer and Biden supporter, said. “But I’ve had indications that maybe he does want to — and ‘that’s what Beau would have wanted me to do.’ ”


The veep is “talking to friends, family and donors about jumping in” to challenge Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two nominating states. His candidacy would be the first real threat to Clinton since primary season started. Various Democratic party leaders have, according to the Times, been open to conversations with Biden out of fear of Clinton’s political vulnerabilities.

While Biden has not made a final decision about running, throwing his hat in the ring would make the primary season all the more exciting.

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