Following up to my previous post, am sure you are wondering how to get that all important Afro look. Don’t fret, I will be telling all today. 

1. Wash your hair: you can either use a shampoo with softening ingredients like African Pride Shea butter Shampoo or co wash with a L’ oreal Hair Conditioner. This step is not entirely necessary but I like to start off with clean damp hair. Also, it’s a lot easier to apply hair product if your hair is damp 😉

2. Dry your curls: Okay, so now your hair is nice and clean, pat the hair dry with a towel. I usually wait about 30 minutes to an hour. FYI I would say to avoid hair dryers because they can potentially damage your hair with heat. 3. Apply your product(s). Using a wide toothed comb,  part the hair into sections applying drops of Argan oil , to de-tangle the hair.  I would recommend to part the hair into at least 10 sections, especially if its quite thick. Once I was done, I would go over each section with organic coconut oil. This really helps to moisturize the hair and give it some shine!

4. Stretch those locks: Here is the fun part. You can twist or braid each section you have made. However, for this look I braided each section and wrapped the braids in a satin scarf overnight.

5. Free your curls: The following morning, loose the braids with your fingers. Now remember, because we want to get an Afro, the definition of curls don’t really matter. I used my wide toothed comb to comb the hair. What you immediately notice is how much longer the strands look!

6. Get some gel: Use ample amounts of gel to smooth the front of your hair. I really recommend Eco gel with olive oil for this (link). To help with application, I lightly used a hair brush to help press down the hair

7. Don’t forget your hairband: Now, you are almost done. Take a wide black hairband. (link), and use it tie to your hair in a bun. You can use your comb to stretch your hair further.

8. Lay down those edges: Take a small soft brush and Organic Root Stimulator Control gel to lay your edges! FYI you can also use a toothbrush but make sure it’s a new one so that the bristles are still hard.

Here is the finished look 🙂

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