A 27-year-old man from Connecticut is accused of fatally shooting his 16-year-old girlfriend in the head before getting into a car accident. 

Dominique Pittman of Waterbury, Connecticut, has been charged with the murder in connection with the death of Evalyce Santiago. Family members of the teen victim said they had no idea the two were romantically involved, reported NBC Connecticut.

“The factors that caused this tumultuous end are still under investigation and we’re hoping to resolve that shortly,” Waterbury Police Deputy Chief Fernando Spagnolo said during a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

Francisco Rivera, Santiago’s grandfather who raised her, revealed Pittman and the victim’s aunt had several children together, reported WFSB.

“Nobody knows nothing until something happens. That’s when we all realize the tragedy. It was under our noses and we didn’t see it,” Francisco Rivera told NBC Connecticut.

Police found Santiago’s body in the wreckage of a crash in Waterbury on Monday. Police said Santiago was in the passenger seat with three apparent gunshot wounds in the head.  

Police said Pittman was “visibly shaken” at the scene and had some bumps and bruises.

School officials said Santiago was a student at Wilby High School, but had recently transferred from Crosby High School. Grief counselors were available at both schools on Wednesday and will be available after that if needed.

Police said Pittman has also been charged with weapons violations, including carrying a pistol without a permit and weapons in a motor vehicle.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Santiago’s family pay for the funeral. To donate, click here

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