Rhoda Young is our new favorite viral celebrity.

Ever wanted to be a TV news reported, but never had the resume reel to land you the gig? Well Rhoda isn’t putting herself through a grooling four years of college for it. She’s out here gettin’ it!

Late last month, Young discovered a house fire in her neighborhood and decided to not only broadcast it live on Facebook, but even try her hand at reporting what was going on.

“We on the scene of this b***h,” she says in opening her Facebook Live video. “This is Rhoda Young reporting live… I’m a volunteer.”

The fire broke out in a Norfolk, Virginia neighborhood and from the looks of it, Young was the first person to broadcast from the scene. Subsequently, the woman finds the home’s owner, who is sitting on the lawn of the house across the street.

“That’s your house? Oh god! Bless you,” Young says, then follows up with, “Now lemme ask you this: How did it catch on fire?”

After doing some deductive thinking, and finding out that the man was slightly burned from being next to the fire as it started, Rhoda comes to the conclusion that the man was actually the one who started the fire, even though he claimed he didn’t know how his house went up in flames.

“The owner of the house was upstairs when the fire started… Doing my investigation, I have now discovered his m****rf*****g hair was on fire, and his pants is burned off his damn leg,” she says while looking into her phone’s camera. “So he was right there when the fire started, and he got a six pack of goddamn PBR. So now I gotta figure out how he start that fire.”

Perhaps the funniest part was when a Thanksgiving filter appears at the bottom of the screen.

The video ends with the owner of the house actually being arrested, presumably from starting the fire.

“I did solve the crime before the fire marshal got on the scene,” she says. “Whether or not they want to give me gratitude or tell me thank you, but guess what: I know I did my job.”

That you did, Rhoda! The Internet was also in shambles. Desus & Mero from Viceland were rolling.

See what all went down in the second video above.

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