Virgina-bred singer Trey Songz has gotten his hands sticky in another legal mess after two assault charges in the beginning of 2017.  

This time, however, it’s a female fan who claims he put hands on her for snapping a photo of him and now she’s left with a smacked hand and broken glasses.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit names Trigga Trey for the alleged assault that took place in a Philadelphia strip club called Vanity Grand Cabaret. The unnamed woman claims she purchased tickets to meet with him in the venue’s VIP section, which never happened because of his belligerent attitude that seemed to linger on throughout the night, TMZ reports.

She says that later on, she caught up with him in the club’s parking lot and tried to take a photo of him, which was apparently to Trey’s disliking. The woman alleges that he smacked the phone from her hand, which smashed her glasses after it landed in her face. Now, TMZ adds, she’s got a legal case out for the “Song Goes Off” singer. The venue can pull up a chair at the defendant’s table, too, as the woman claims it knew of his tendency “toward violence and negative interaction with the public” and thus will be named in the lawsuit also.

Though Trey’s team has yet to respond to the allegations, she’ll reportedly be suing for $50,000 maximum in the lawsuit.  

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