There’s no doubt that Chris Brown can take your girl right from under you, but apparently he can steal boyfriends too. Breezy hilariously discovered this after one male fan suggested he would cheat on his girlfriend with the singer. And the “Pills & Automobiles” artist responded just how you would expect him to. 

After a celebrity blog posted a photo of Breezy out and about on Instagram, a fan commented on the image with an explicit remark. “I’m smashing because my girl love this n***a to death bruh,” the person wrote. “So when she find out that he gay, I’m gone laugh in her face.”

Puzzled by the sexual advance, the “Party” singer reposted the image and comment on his own Instagram account with an added caption. “Da f**k?” He wrote. CB may not have been laughing, but Team Breezy immediately flooded his comments sections with laughing emojis and hilarious comments.

Check out the fan comment and Brown’s reaction below.  

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