Could Keith Sweat and 21 Savage possibly have a collaboration in the works? For many fans the answer is (thankfully) no. 

While not quite exactly the musical pairing, some may have hoped for, the duo recently teamed up for a recent sit-down with Spotify’s Rap Caviar. The brief clip finds both artists serving as hosts for a ficitional dating hotline in which they answer questions about love and relationships.

Keith, an obvious expert when it comes to affections of the heart, starts off the interview by hilariosly declaring he can’t use profanity as an R&B artist. “I sing R&B. I can’t be saying those words,” the singer says.

21 then goes on to help solve the troubles of a few viewers, even suggesting that one caller splurge on his boo and buy her a new I-phone. 

Ahead of the clip’s release, Keith shared a photo of him rubbing elbows with the Atlanta Trap star. “Dope pic with my homie,” the “Nobody” singer captioned the photo. 21 is notably a fan of the ’90s heartthrob, often recording himself on Instagram live singing a few of his classic ballads for fans or his girlfriend Amber Rose

Check out the hilarious clip of Keith Sweat and 21 Savage below.

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