Hip-hop is speaking up against the reported slave crisis happening in Libya. Following reports from CNN, which exposed the horrific treatment of thousands of immigrants primarily from regions in Africa, T.I., Cardi B, Common, and many more have voiced their concern and outrage on social media. But according to Azealia Banks, she told you so. In a post on Instagram, the control rapper scolded musicians and the “big” media for not listening to her when she discussed the issue a long time ago.

“I’ve been trying to tell you negroes about African chattel slavery still being really big in North Africa and the Middle East for the past three years and none of you paid f**king attention,” Banks wrote. “Seriously!!!! We really have to ACTUALLY pay attention and not be outrage whenever big media decides it’s time for us to be outraged.” 

According to the CNN report, men are reportedly being smuggled into Libya and then sold into prostitution and forced labor. In the video obtained by the publication, several men are seen standing in front of a dark space, as another man calls out prices. The prices for the reported slaves range anywhere from $500 to several thousands. 

So, it looks like for the first time in a while, Azealia Banks was right. The story regarding the Libyan slave auction is still developing. In the meantime, see Banks’ full post below. 

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